Our Goals for Year Two of Our Initiative

Ambitious Goals in 2021

We have a busy year two of AIM CCI program planned. Our pilot sites will be implementing the first non-hospital based maternal safety bundle while committees of local and national subject matter experts come together to develop at least four new non-hospital based maternal safety bundles. We kicked off both bundle implementation and new bundle development projects in October 2020, and we look forward to engaging more communities across the nation to reach our steep goals of finalizing the first bundle, Postpartum care basics for maternal safety, for public access with corresponding metrics, tools and lessons learned. We also plan to finalize the new bundles and begin testing at our pilot sites by year three of the program.

Overcoming COVID-19 Challenges

Our pilot sites mostly serve communities that are experiencing the greatest number of COVID-19 cases, and as such we have had a slow start to maternal safety bundle implementation as communities come together to support families impacted by the pandemic. Improving maternal health outcomes through the framework of equity is our collective focus, and COVID-19 has further highlighted that systemic, structural, and racial inequities are the root causes of poor and detrimental health outcomes.

We are focused on addressing this root cause. All the maternal safety bundles that will be developed and implemented by AIM CCI will be framed around equity and we are partnering with local communities across the nation to elevate their voice.

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