AIM CCI Bundle Glossary

To promote equity, inclusivity, and respect, AIM CCI has created this glossary of recommended terminology to provide context around the use of language that may be found throughout our work. AIM CCI language reflects the diversity of our programs, the audience we serve, and our community-driven initiatives.

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Clinical- Community Integration Roadmap

AIM CCI created the Clinical – Community Integration Roadmap as a framework to support a perinatal system of care at the local community level to coalesce a network of providers around the shared goal to improve maternal outcomes. This model centers the woman / birthing person in the daily processes, organizational and community structures, and culture to ensure that every woman/birthing person, from pregnancy through the first year postpartum, receives equitable care that addresses medical, behavioral health, and psychosocial needs.

This Roadmap will guide the establishment of local collaborative teams, including both clinical and social service providers, and other provider organizations that touch pregnancy and postpartum persons, to function collectively as the community’s Local Maternal Safety Workgroup (LMSW).

Communications Plan

The AIM CCI Communications Planning Guide presents customizable strategies and tools for pilot and implementation sites to maximize communications efforts among internal and external partners in Maternal Child Health, including Local Maternal Safety Workgroups (LMSW).  Each section focuses on a specific area of communications, such as audience segmentation, social media planning, and digital storytelling.  

Learning Series

AIM CCI partnered with subject matter experts to develop online learning series that support key concepts found in our Community Care maternal safety bundles. These courses are self-guided modules to further a learner’s awareness, skills, and knowledge. The AIM CCI learning series are accredited by the American Public Health Association (APHA) and each course offers continuing education credits for various disciplines including physicians (CME), nurses (CNE), certified health education specialists (CHES), certified in public health (CPH), and other public health professionals.

Racial Equity Learning Series (RELS)

This FREE 7 module learning series is an evidence-informed program to reduce inequitable clinical practices that are contributing to poor maternal outcomes. Topics in the modules include but are not limited to the acknowledgement and acceptance of racism, institutional transformation, personal, and systemic change. After completion, the learner can earn a total of 10 Continuing Education Credits (CEC).

Planning for Pregnancy and Beyond (P4P)

This is a FREE learning series to guide pre-pregnancy and interpregnancy planning and patient education (P4P). The course can be completed as a series, or individual
lessons. Course topics range from reproductive anatomy and self-care to pregnancy complications and loss.  The learner can earn 8 Continuing Education Credits (CEC) for completing the entire series. 

Mental Health and Wellbeing for Mothers


This FREE learning module is designed for professionals to provide information on how stress and depression affect health, especially during the time of pregnancy and post-partum period. It also includes materials on ways to manage stress and receive care for depression. After completion, the learner can earn a total of 1.5 Continuing Education Credits (CEC).

Maternal Monologues for Community Conversations and Action

Maternal Monologues are community presentations of stories by women/birthing persons, their partners, and supporters along the journey of birthing and maternal health. These stories are based on real experiences, and designed to serve as a tool for communities to tell their own stories for healing, raising awareness, and mobilizing for change.

Mary Denise shares her birth experience with her son David, over 40 years ago, after learning that racial disparities in care and outcomes still persist decades later.

*Advisory: Content describing pregnancy loss, miscarriage, and traumatic birth experiences is included.

Download the Maternal Monologues Toolkit


The way that each community presents its Maternal Monologues may look different from place to place. They can be in-person or virtual. You can be as creative as you’d like in your production. This toolkit is designed to provide a guide for getting started.

Please complete the form below to download your copy of the Maternal Monologues Toolkit.




NHSA-AIM CCI hosted this critical discussion on the intersection of mental health and maternal health, and the challenges that women and birthing people of color encounter in this space due to racism.


This conversation features NHSA-AIM CCI content experts: Fleda Mask Jackson, PhD, President of Majaica, LLC, a national research firm/ think tank, and leader of Save 100 Babies ©, and AIM-CCI subject matter expert Deidre McDaniel, PhD (c), MSW, LCSW President & Founder of Health Equity Resources and Strategies, LLC (H.E.R.S.) and Clinical-Community Bundle Integration Specialist with the AIM-CCI project.

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