Frequently Asked Questions

  • AIM CCI is funded until 2024.
  • AIM CCI is NOT A program where mothers are enrolled into a program.
  • The ultimate goal of AIM CCI is to establish standard approach in all communities across the United States.
  • Local Maternal Safety Workgroups will serve as pilot site guides to implement the current postpartum safety bundle and collaborate with NHSA to develop more community-based maternal safety bundles.
  • The maternal safety bundles are NOT just clinical recommendations.
  • The maternal safety bundles are framed around equity.
  • AIM CCI will develop 4 more community-based bundles in collaboration with pilot sites and national subject matter experts in the next 4 years.
  • In addition to the postpartum bundle, pilot sites will implement 2 of the 4 newly developed bundles.
  • AIM CCI team will provide continuous technical assistance and support throughout the development and implementation process.
  • Support for implementation of non-hospital focused Maternal Safety Bundles.
  • Technical assistance in data analytics and evaluation of community data.
  • Technical assistance and training on infusing equity capacity in organizational care processes.
  • Access to Quality Improvement and Implementation experts to support pilot sites in improving health outcomes for women during pregnancy and throughout the postpartum period.
  • Access to a centralized maternal health community data reporting system to inform and direct collaborative initiatives.
  • Access to a learning collaborative with resources, experts, and peer-to-peer learning environment.
  • Assistance with engaging and involving mothers/parents in Quality Improvement efforts to improve maternal health needs by subject matter experts.

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