Maternal Safety Bundles

Introduction to the AIM CCI Team and Bundles

AIM CCI develops maternal safety bundles for use in non-hospital settings such as outpatient and community-based clinical facilities, as well as by other social and supportive services agencies that may be a touchpoint during the pregnancy and postpartum journey.

Explore our non-hospital safety bundles to see how your organization can implement these equity and evidence-informed recommendations to improve maternal outcomes in your community.

Community Care for Postpartum Safety and Wellness


This bundle seeks to ensure that all women receive the care and support that they need to have to recover from birth, acclimate to motherhood and transition to well woman care.

The Bundle provides steps to create a system of care for women from birth through the first year postpartum.

What is a Maternal Safety Bundle?

  • A Bundle is a small set of evidence-based interventions that combines medical and improvement science to achieve improved outcomes
  • When care processes are grouped into simple bundles, caregivers are more likely to implement them by making fundamental changes in how the work is done.
  • When the care processes are evidence based, subsequent outcomes will improve
  • Encourages interdisciplinary teams to organize work, adapt the delivery system, and deliver bundle components reliably.

Data Overview

The AIM CCI measures are aimed at understanding the broader MCH landscape in a community and the type of services provided by all members of a Local Maternal Safety Committee (LMSW) to support bundle implementation.  Please click here to view measures for the AIM CCI postpartum bundle.

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