Maternal Safety Bundles

AIM CCI develops maternal safety bundles for use in non-hospital settings such as outpatient and community-based clinical facilities, as well as by other social and supportive services agencies that may be a touchpoint during the pregnancy and postpartum journey.

Explore our non-hospital safety bundles to see how your organization can implement these equity and evidence-informed recommendations to improve maternal outcomes in your community.

Clinical – Community Integration Roadmap

AIM CCI created the Clinical – Community Integration Roadmap as a framework to support a perinatal system of care at the local community level to coalesce a network of providers around the shared goal to improve maternal outcomes. This model centers the woman / birthing person in the daily processes, organizational and community structures, and culture to ensure that every woman/birthing person, from pregnancy through the first year postpartum, receives equitable care that addresses medical, behavioral health, and psychosocial needs.

This Roadmap will guide the establishment of local collaborative teams, including both clinical and social service providers, and other provider organizations that touch pregnancy and postpartum persons, to function collectively as the community’s Local Maternal Safety Workgroup (LMSW).

Download the Roadmap (X.XXMB)

Partner Application

The AIM CCI project will expand from the pilot phase to national implementation, introducing the AIM CCI model to 19 new communities across the U.S. in 2023 – 2024. As an AIM CCI partner, your community will establish a Local Maternal Safety Workgroup (LMSW, see AIM CCI Roadmap here) to implement the AIM CCI Community Care bundles across a network of both clinical and non-clinical community-based providers and social service organizations. As a partner, your LMSW will have access to Technical Assistance from the AIM CCI national team to help you implement the bundles as well as contribute your community’s data to the national AIM CCI database. AIM CCI partners will receive financial support to implement the project at the community level.

 If you are interested in partnering with AIM CCI to implement Community Care bundles in your community, please submit the form below to receive an application.


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