Community Care to Address Intimate Partner Violence During and After Pregnancy

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AIM CCI’s Community Care to Address Intimate Partner Violence During and After Pregnancy Bundle seeks to ensure that all pregnant and postpartum women/birthing persons receive education, assessment, and support needed in response to IPV.

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As a pilot initiative, AIM CCI has worked with six unique communities across the U.S. to test the Community Care maternal safety bundles. During the pilot phase, we work step-in-step with these communities to get real-time feedback on bundle development and testing of the specific bundle elements. You will find resources that support the bundle in each of the bundle documents, available for download and as a printable PDF. These resources are either directly from a pilot site that used it or was created based on feedback during the pilot site testing of the elements. In addition, AIM CCI developed online learning series to support the professional development of Local Maternal Safety Workgroups (LMSW) relative to the content of the Community Care bundles. Addressing Intimate Partner Violence to Support Participant and Staff Safety and Enhance Outcomes in Maternal Health is an online learning series that has been accredited by American Public Health Association (APHA) for up to 7.5 Continuing Education Credits. This series can be utilized by an array of outpatient and social services professionals, both frontline staff and supervisors, to better understand and respond to the needs of women/birthing persons experiencing IPV during pregnancy and beyond. We hope that you find these resources helpful!

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