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What is a Maternal Safety Bundle?

  • A Bundle is a small set of evidence-based interventions that combines medical and improvement science to achieve improved outcomes
  • When care processes are grouped into simple bundles, caregivers are more likely to implement them by making fundamental changes in how the work is done.
  • When the care processes are evidence based, subsequent outcomes will improve
  • Encourages interdisciplinary teams to organize work, adapt the delivery system, and deliver bundle components reliably.
Graphical representation of the AIM CCI Approach

AIM CCI’s Equity Approach

  • Facilitating the integration of equity into non-hospital focused maternal safety bundles
  • Developing and piloting at least four new clinical/community integrated maternal safety bundles with an emphasis on enhancing capacity to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality and achieving equity.
  • Individual assessments to capture equity capacity and provide aggregated report to pilot sites including targeted resources to build capacity over time.

CCI Foundation and Community Impact

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Data Portal and Reporting

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Bundle Overview

The Community Care for Postpartum Safety and Wellness Bundle seeks to ensure that all women receive the care and support that they need to have to recover from birth, acclimate to motherhood and transition to well woman care. The Bundle provides steps to create a system of care for women from birth through the first year postpartum. This provides a structure to support our daily processes and organizational culture to ensure that no matter where a woman presents in the postpartum care continuum, she receives equitable care that addresses her medical, behavioral health and psychosocial needs.

This Bundle reflects the continuum of care from birth to first year postpartum. For the purposes of AIM CCI, this Bundle will be piloted and further refined for finalization based upon feedback from the implementation process of the Pilot Sites.

Bundle Elements

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Resources for this Bundle

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