Our Goals for Year Three of Our Initiative

More Ambitious Goals in 2022

Year three will be filled with excitement as we launch the creation of new AIM CCI maternal safety bundles.  Our Bundle Development Workgroups, comprised of local and national subject matter experts, will come together to develop the first two non-hospital based maternal safety bundles. After working with our pilot sites over the last year, we have learned first-hand that a critical component of the AIM CCI approach is the development of a strong local collaborative of community stakeholders (both outpatient clinical providers as well as social service providers that act as touchpoints throughout the maternal experience in the prenatal and postpartum periods) to coalesce around the shared goal to improve maternal outcomes. To that end, we will develop a Clinical-Community Integration Bundle as a foundational framework to support the infrastructure required to successfully build an AIM CCI collaborative at the local level. 

 In addition, we will be developing a Maternal Mental Health Bundle, which seeks to ensure that all pregnant and postpartum women and birthing persons receive the care and support needed in responses to perinatal stress, depression, and anxiety. Year three also continues the work started at the inception of this initiative to inculcate equity throughout the AIM CCI approach. During this phase, we are building on the foundation of the Self-Assessed Measurement of Racial Equity Capacity (SAMREC) tool to include a series of learning modules, NHSA – AIM CCI Racial Equity Learning Series (RELS), that reflect each of the seven stages of racial equity capacity, from personal to systemic, as identified in the SAMREC. The AIM CCI team is working with the American Public Health Association (APHA) to provide continuing education credits for AIM CCI partners that complete the RELS. We are thrilled to launch year three with an exciting schedule of activities to advance the work of AIM CCI and look forward to sharing more news as our efforts progress! 


Overcoming COVID-19 Challenges

 Improving maternal health outcomes through the framework of equity is our collective focus, and COVID-19 has further highlighted that systemic, structural, and racial inequities are the root causes of poor and detrimental health outcomes. We are focused on addressing this root cause. All the maternal safety bundles that will be developed and implemented by AIM CCI will be framed around equity and we are partnering with local communities across the nation to elevate their voice. In addition to centering equity in this work, we are committed to supporting local efforts in combatting COVID-19 and encouraging vaccination among pregnant women and birthing persons. NHSA, in partnership with NICHQ, presented the webinar “Equipping Frontline Staff to Encourage the COVID-19 Vaccine among Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women” with expert panelists, Drs. Akilah Jefferson Shah and Haywood L. Brown. 

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